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Robert Ashin

Meet the Artist

I live in Brentwood and I am almost entirely a self taught photographer. I consider myself exclusively a landscape photographer and my goal is to capture and share the beauty and diversity of Northern California. I particularly love the East Bay hills and the coast of Sonoma and Mendocino.

For me the camera is just a starting point. I do not hesitate to improve on reality, whether by using Photoshop to remove visual distractions, through the use of long exposure or HDR (high dynamic range), if it will better convey the beauty of a particular location.

I try to tell a story, create an impression or a sense of mystery. I like rustic scenes so I try to include some type of rustic element in my photos whether it be a barn, windmill or gate and I like to lead the eye to the center of interest through the use of some type of leading line like a road or a fence. I also like to emphasize skies and I try to create extreme depth of field. I like to use wide aspect ratios with multiple centers of interest and I like using either a high horizon or low horizon.

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