© Paulette Lagana

Instructor:  Paulette Lagana

Pocket Sketchingtm technique created

by Kath Macaulay

If you have questions about these workshops feel free to e-mail Paulette Lagana at paulettelagana@gmail.com.

© Paulette Lagana

Sunday, June 3  -- cancelled

Sunday, June 10  -- cancelled

Sunday, June 24 -- cancelled

Sunday, August 5 -- cancelled

Sunday, August 19 -- cancelled

Sunday, August 26, 1 - 4 pm

Trees:  Leafy canopies at the top yet grounded at its bottom, trees line our streets and our imaginations in an impromptu sketch.

Workshop Fee

Payable to AGD Collective

  • $45 per workshop (first time)
  • $35 per workshop (returning participant)

Materials Fee

Payable to the instructor

  • $40 one-time purchase available in workshop

© Paulette Lagana

© Paulette Lagana

Pocket Sketch On-the-Go


The perfect setting for a spontaneous and creative  sketching experience is anywhere you are!


Going on vacation this summer?

Don’t just take a photo, create a memory to treasure in less than 25 minutes by taking Pocket Sketch On-The-Go with you on a bike, hike, plane, boat, bus, or in your backyard. With Pocket Sketch, the world becomes your studio!

Pocket Sketch On-The-Go  is easy to learn, compact and portable to use, and quick to complete. Ideal for beginner and for seasoned traveler.

So Easy -- no experience needed with step-by-step demos

So Compact -- pen/paper/watercolor fits in your pocket

So Portable -- it goes with you anywhere you take it

So Quick -- complete a treasured memory in 25 minutes

So Timely -- 3-hour workshop for Adults/Teens [13+]


Pocket Sketch On-the-Go

Adults & Teens age 13+

with Paulette Lagana