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Nancy Hoover first began as a sketch artist at age 12, drawing illustrations for an instructional book about ceramics. Later, she acquired a degree in graphic design and also became a watercolor artist. The 15 years ago, Nancy found her passion for jewelry design she has attended William Holland School of lapidary arts in Georgia, and Revere Academy of jewelry arts in San Francisco. Her silver and gold smithing skills along with her love of gemstones combine to create unique and eye-catching art jewelry pieces.

"I aspire to have all of my jewelry be a piece of wearable art. I try to think 'out-of-the-box' and use my metalsmithing and design skills to create jewelry which shows balance and beauty, yet not always be symmetrical or expected.  My goal is to showcase each gem's color and energy to give the wearer that 'special' feel."

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Nancy Hoover

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