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Lisa Maule'

I am Lisa Maule' and I live in the East Bay Delta area. As a teenager, I attended Canada College and majored in Art; art history, live drawing classes, basic design, composition and sculpture but no painting classes. I later studied Architecture in San Francisco and received an AA in Architectural and Structural rendering in 1982.

Lisa Maule'

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I started and ran my own Ad Agency for ten years in San Francisco. I later started and operated a business that specialized in volume organic turf supplements for golf courses and cities in California. I've been a marketing director for several companies and most recently, for a Solar company. I've done years of in-home solar sales because solar is a passion.

I've always thought of myself as an artist and recently I challenged myself to get started. I can draw easily, do pleasing small pastels but I realized that I wanted to paint in oils. I started a year ago after three things happened.

One, I was hit by a driver running a red light. My car was finished, I got a concussion and after recovery, realized that I had accomplishments but no legacy. Another push came when an art teacher told me that there were now water mixable paints – no need for volatile chemicals. The third push came from a friend, a childrens' art educator. She said her talented 6 year old granddaughter called herself “an artist”. 

I am self taught and realize how much I need to learn. I don't have a lot of time but I need to paint - that  is very important. I am happy photographing and painting natural life in the East Bay and the Western South Pacific inspires me everyday.