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Katie Caulk

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Meet the Artist

Self-taught, following careers in semi-conductors and book cover design, raising a family, and being a public education activist, I now (since 2009) enjoy creating art: drawing, painting, and returning to my original love of print making, specifically linocut, introduced to me in 1971. In 2009, I studied Picasso's linocut reductive technique. Rather than use multiple blocks for multicolor prints, the reductive (or "subtractive") method uses one block for all colors. The image emerges after a series of carvings and inkings. Because I am essentially "destroying" the block substrate, once the printing edition is complete, I can print no more. Consequently, my editions are very limited, often under ten. I love clean lines, flat planes of color, and simplicity of design. I am grateful that my linocuts have been exhibited in multiple galleries, recognized with awards, published as cover art, and enjoyed by collectors worldwide.