Delta Gallery Community Art Center Instructors

Paulette Lagana  Bay Area artist Paulette Lagana is inspired by her international travel adventures, surroundings, and by her sense of wonder and whimsy. Painting is the outer expression of her inner life where she finds endless possibilities to frame the universe through watercolor, colored pencil, acrylic, and collage. Her artwork is on exhibit in several East Bay galleries, including Delta Gallery. She is a certified instructor of Kath Macaulay’s “Pocket Sketching” technique. Learn more about Paulette and see her art at

Carol Ligon  East Bay Artist, Carol N. Ligon, displays the allure and joy of painting, as a portrait of her artistry. Carol is a graduate of the University of Pacific, where she earned a Master of Education Degree. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Liberal Studies) and various professional and administrative credentials. Carol demonstrates an innovative perception of color and balance, with a convincing expression of content on the canvas, while relying on the stability of the visual design. Combining art with life experiences, while paying attention to the beauty, mood and challenges of each day — many times the bits and pieces of life are captured in her paintings. God’s beautiful creation, and its quality of light, is observed in all of its splendor—as Carol extracts, what she observes, and applies paint to the canvas. Carol’s repertoire of ideas, styles, techniques, interests and approaches have evolved over the years. She embraces a richer and deeper lifestyle, because of these artistic expressions, which allows the thread of creativity to intertwine through all aspects of her life.

Nancy Roberts  is a professional artist, art instructor and retired architect. Painting mainly in acrylic, oil and pastel, she enjoys seeing the world through slightly quirky eyes. Over the years her work has garnered many awards and is included in public and private collections across the country.  She's an avid plein air painter and loves heading out to paint the beauty of the Bay Area with friends. She also loves sharing the joy of art with others and has been teaching art classes for kids and adults for almost 20 years. She has been named Artist of the Year 2018-2019 by the Brentwood Art Society. To see a gallery of her work visit