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 Nancy Roberts is known for her bold color, dynamic design and inventive, slightly quirky style. Thinking of reality as just a jumping-off point, she loves allowing each new painting to emerge and transform, revealing hidden secrets with its own language. Her crisp lines and joyful color put a fresh new spin on the landscape tradition.​​  

Frank Littman

My paintings are inspired by scenes of paradise on land and sea. They are a celebration of life from my backyard to wild open spaces. Look here for beautiful flowers, colorful waterways, and more in fanciful landscape scenes. Let them take you on a virtual vacation to a special place full of color and life.

My primary interest is in the area of landscape and nature painting using acrylic paint.  The inspiration for my paintings comes from nature calendars, art books, my photographs of the outdoors, and online photographs taken by others. I combine elements from multiple photographs into a new composition.  I use a semi-impressionist painting technique rather than a strictly realistic approach. I paint using brushes, palette knives, and cotton swabs. I use paint pens to add details and lettering to my paintings. I am a mostly self trained artist and I have been creating artwork for over 3 years.  

My work is also available as matted prints, contact Delta Gallery for details.

Frank Littman