Elane Osredkar

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Meet the Artist

I am a longtime resident of Brentwood and the owner of Fadiesue Jewelry and Art.

I started this journey many years ago, as a child walking along the Pacific coast looking for mermaids' tears, as my mother called, sea glass. Over time, I collected many jars of the ocean’s gifts.

While doing an art show in Morrow Bay and selling my dichroic glass pieces, a woman asked me if I had any sea glass. My husband asked, “Is she talking about all those jars of glass you have in the garage?” So, another part of my artisan journey began soon after. I love every aspect of making sea glass jewelry, from looking for it along the coast to traveling to far away beaches and islands. The delight of finding that rare piece brings a special thrill. But, best of all is creating unique designs and sharing my creations with my smiling customers who appreciate these beautiful gifts from the oceans of the world.

I still love using Dichroic Glass in my pieces always using, pearls, Swarovski crystals and  sterling silver and 14kt GF wire in my designs. Dichroic Glass is essentially a fusion of crystals and metal that is fired in my kiln to create rich colors. Most times, these pieces are fired more than once in a kiln before grinding each individual piece to create my original designs. 

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