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Edgar Tumbaga

The joy for Art came to me at an early age. I was encouraged by my 2nd Grade Teacher, Ms. Caruso. 

During my high school years, I took Art and Photography Classes. Unfortunately, in my Senior year, I witnessed the death of my Father from a heart attack.  Devastated and in shock from his sudden death, I lost interest, ability and no longer had the desire.

After many years, my interest in Photography returned as an outlet and hobby. I enjoy capturing God’s Creations, especially Sunsets, Beach Sceneries and Landscapes.  In particular, the gorgeous sunsets of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. After much encouragement from my family and friends, I began submitting my images to local galleries, starting with Impulse Gallery which is sponsored by Pittsburg Arts Colloraborative.

After reconnecting with an old friend, Gil. We began going on night photoshoots of the Milky Way, Full Moon; San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge, and San Francisco Nightscapes to mention a few.  Also, inspired and motivated by my lady friend, Laurie, we travel to various national and state parks throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, Seattle, Canada and Utah, capturing god’s majestic beauty in landscapes, nature, and wildlife.

I began to take the “Art of Photography” to the next level with a more serious approach. Submitting Art Pieces for display and for sale at Vidrio Galleria, Delta Gallery, Marina Galleria, Brentwood Community Center, Oakley Library, Old Towne Art Centre.  Also, First Friday’s, Art in the Park, and local Trunk Shows.

Although I lost the desire and ability to draw, God opened another door and blessed me with the desire to capture His Majestic Beauty in the fine art of photography.

“Light is my Blood Stream that flows to my Heart, Capturing God’s Majestic Beauty!”

The Lord is my light…

Edgar S. Tumbaga