Meet the Artist

Carol N. Ligon is an ARTIST, Designer, and Instructor, whose repertoire of ideas, expressive style and techniques, are embodied in her vividly eye-catching paintings. She is recognized for her uniqueness and astute use of brilliant arrangements of color, patterns and textures. While creating her own artistic design in each painting, Carol defines her subject and paints, knowing that each brushstroke will determine her next move on the canvas. This ability comes from within and takes time, discovery and practice to produce unique paintings.

Combining ART with life experiences, recognizing the beauty of color, the bits and pieces of life, or recalling a memory, is always captured in her paintings. Carol’s OIL Expressions are one-of-a-kind created and transformed through brush strokes painted on each canvas. She embraces a richer and deeper lifestyle, in her artistic expressions, which allows—the thread of creativity to intertwine through all aspects of her life.

All artwork this page © Carol N. Ligon

Images may not be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of the artist. 

Carol N. Ligon

A sample of works available at Delta Gallery​