Bead Making

for Adults & Teens

with Catherine Foster

*Basic Jewelry Tool Kit is $11 and can be pre-ordered by e-mailing Barbie Koncher at at least two weeks in advance, then pay her for it in class.

**Copper wire will be provided for free in class. If you'd like to carry out your designs in sterling silver wire in either 14 or 16 gauge, you can pre-order it by e-mailing Barbie Koncher at at least two weeks in advance, then pay her for it in class. Sterling silver wire in 14 gauge is $6 per foot. Sterling silver wire in 16 gauge is $5 per foot.  One link uses approximately 6 inches of wire.  You will make between 6-8 links and one clasp.

For adults and teens age 13 and up

Workshop fee:  $28, plus an additional $20 materials fee payable to the instructor

Class size minimum 5 students, maximum 8 students

How to make your own beads from watercolor paper, rice paper and metal.  

Supplies to bring: old watercolor paintings if they have them. If not Catherine will bring some of hers. Prefer people working from their own creations, but we can make it work for everyone who wants to learn this technique.  

If you have questions about this workshop feel free to e-mail Catherine Foster at

One-Day Workshop

Saturday, July 8, 12:30 - 1:45 pm